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I've designed this page to support different web sites that I run. A lot of times when you see ads on web sites they are affiliate links, this means if you buy something through that link the web site makes somewhere from a few pennies to a few percent (possibly more if it's a service). It does not cost you a penny more to go directly to Amazon than it does to come through here, they are just giving me a "referral fee".

Part of what I'm trying to is to cut down on the ads on my web sites so I'm just going to try and direct people to here to purchase things. Or sometimes (in real life) people want to pay me for helping me with computer "stuff", now I'm just going to suggest they come here when they go to purchase something on-line.

For instance, if you already shop at the below stores if you just click one of these links to get there you help support my web site at no extra cost.

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Spam Blocking
I use SpamArrest for blocking spam and it works great!! Watch a demo!

Web Hosting
I use both
Site5 $5 Hosting Deal
for my web sites.

Skype - call the world at rock bottom prices